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Study Acting with Jack

Jack serves as artistic director for the New American Theatre (NAT). NAT has an acting company called The New American Studio Ensemble. All members of the company also take weekly acting studios.


Ensemble members participate in a weekly ongoing scene study and technique Studio. Jack Stehlin's Studio concentrates on the secret of the craft of acting - which is how to free your innate creativity and allow the beauty of who you are already to help make it possible to tell the story of your character. The freedom of acting comes from discipline, playfullness, and the practice of how to develop a relationship with the character in a story that's worth telling. Steeped in the tradition of Stanislavsky and Jack Stehlin's own New American Actor technique, his studio focuses on acting technique, voice, speech, movement and text throught scene study, monologue work, and the reading of classic and new plays. The Studio focuses on the craft of storytelling for the actor.


The Studio is designed to further all aspects of the the art of acting, and members seek to create an atmosphere of collaboration towards the development of a common working language. The actors in the studio perform scenes from plays, but Stehlin's acting technique can be applied to acting on film, television or on stage.


For more information, please visit: The New American Theatre website

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